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IRENE ZUCCARELLO la sua missione è dare spazio ai/alle crafter indipendenti


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* Imaginative Bloom is cared by the crafty hands and the laborious mind of Irene Zuccarello.

Everything here is lovingly picked out and disseminated with the intent to be inspiring and interesting to share.
IB supports the genuine handmade, the art’s production and all the passionate and craftive minds behind this that stands out for their originalityexecution on works and tidy presence on the web.

There is a sort of ‘movement’ that’s more and more bigger and that grows feeded by the creativity and by the desire to see recognized the value that these works deserve.
It’s a tangible reality that surrounds us. And it’s fantastic! This brings in our lives so much energy, and an endless motivation and inspiration.

IB wants to be a place where crafters, artists and designers can find a concrete support and help in this journey to reach independence and identification as artists, and wants to do it through the collaboration and the sharing of our own experiences, knowledges and instruments.

I’d like that here can be found a bit of all of this, together with a spirit ofcommunity always leaded by the same love for art.

So YOUR contribution is important and precious. Always keeping in mind what is our goal, you can submit works (your own or by other artists that you appreciate), tutorials, tips, links, events, markets, your story, projects, etc  and be active leaving your comments. For ALL infos about this, here’s the ‘Submissions‘ page to check.